About us

Don’t Let Spilling Your Coffee Ruin Your Laptop!! Call The Computer Magician Today!!

We’ve seen all kinds of things happen to laptops and computers that cause our customers to bring them in for our repair services; spilling various liquids on them, crumbs getting stuck in laptops and computer keyboards, and especially improper handling. Because we’ve seen these accidents cause problems with computers and laptops, we are well equipped to handle them.

In addition to these accidents, our computer and laptop repair technicians are also well-versed in fixing more complex issues.

As a family-owned business, our mission is simple. We aim to function as an integral portion of the community, offering the most reliable computer services in town. We value each one of our clients, and we consider you to be part of the family. When you call on The Computer Magician, your requests will be met by a friendly and approachable technician every time. NO matter what computer problem you're experiencing, we’ll have a solution for you!